Reading Assessment

The reading assessment consists of an article, approximately five pages long, and a set of questions which require writing original answers instead of selecting options from a multiple choice list.  The questions ask you to

  • define vocabulary terms
  • paraphrase a significant idea from the article
  • identify relationships of comparison, contrast, and cause and effect
  • state the main idea and identify how the information is organized

Effective reading strategies include

  • preview the article by looking at the title and first sentence of each paragraph to get an overview of the author’s message
  • write a summary for individual paragraphs in the margin space or underline important ideas and circle key terms
  • reread passages when the meaning seems unclear or confusing

The assessment is not timed.  As a guideline, most students spend about an hour to an hour and one-half for the reading assessment.  Additional time is available if needed.

Sample Reading Assessment:

Sample Article for Reading (and Writing) Assessment (pdf)
Sample Reading Assessment (pdf)
Sample Reading Assessment Guideline Responses (pdf)