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Doherty Scholars Program

The Doherty Scholars Program invites nominations and applications

from prospective and current Alverno students. We seek students who demonstrate the potential for strong scholarly accomplishment and curiosity, an understanding of yourself as a learner, and the ability to take initiative to collaboratively learn with your faculty and peers.

The Doherty Scholars is a learning community selected by the Center for Academic Excellence. It draws together students from across the college who are looking for peers to challenge them and resources and opportunities for academic growth and excellence.

Does this sound like you or a student you know?

There are three pathways into the Scholars

  • Recommendation from Admissions or Advising
  • Recommendation from a faculty member or academic staff person
  • Student self-nomination supported by a faculty/staff/mentor recommendation
Faculty, Staff, and Mentor
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Zaineb Almousa

Danielle Alonso

Mara Alvarez

True Anderson

Hayley Aspenson

Carissa Babcock

Chelsea Beaumont

Mackenzie Beirl

Karen Berger

Margaret Bond

Samantha Borden

Abigail Bruders

Amanda Bruening

Ashely Carlos

Candy Castro

Dear Chang

Amorina Cruz

Paige Domurat

Dana Doyle

Verenis Estevez

Jennifer Fierro-Padilla

 Fabiola Frias

Lauren Gambill

Brittni Goodman



Natalya Gunn-Turki

Raquel Hafner

Miranda Halser

Alison Hamann 

Kate  Harms

Tracy Hecker

Kathryn Hoban

Mary Hribar

Brittany Jackson

Simone Jackson

Kaleena Jones

Veronica Kesner

Nicole Klimowicz

Jennifer Larsen

Morgan Lemner

Camille Lewis

Sebasian Melmoth

Shelby Miller

Kimberly Miller

Janae Miner

Gladys Mora

Meghan Morrical

Maria Najera

Jordan Norenberg


Kathryn Ortiz

Kimberly Otzelberger

Angela Paddock

Michelle Paura

Sarah Pearson

Danielle Porter

Ashley Prondzinski

Adelaide Ralston

Melissa Rojas

  Emily Ross

Guadalupe Ruiz

Naomi Saldana

Alejandra Salinas

Nancy Sanchez

Jacqueline Sandoval

Gina Schostok

Isabelle Seifert

Michelle Seydel

Laura Sierra

Celeste Skierski

Abby Springsteen

Ashlee Stanfel

Brianna Stankey

Miranda Stueckrath

Desiree Stypinski

 Brianna Tabaka (Ramus)

Natalie Trzcinko

Jessa Turner

Victoria Tzitzis

Arlinda Useni

Ana Valle

Naly Vang

 Amanda Veit

Katherine Watson

Jessica Wewers

Katherine Watson

Kiya White

Carmen Williams

Colleen Yang

Savannah Zarling

Donna Zehner

About Sr. Austin Doherty, Ph.D.

The Doherty Scholars program honors the legacy of Sister Austin Doherty, a passionate and effective scholar whose ideas and actions shaped the academic experiences of Alverno students, faculty and staff. Doherty was a vital inspiration for and founder of Alverno’s ability-based curriculum. A significant leader in the national movement to reform college education and a founding member of the National Organization for Women, Doherty deeply believed in the college’s mission to educate women through its abilities-based curriculum. She was known internationally as a dynamic, caring and risk-taking educator. Sister Austin Doherty retired from the college in 2013, and passed away in 2015.

Students have to learn to act … despite their sense of being unready. That sense of unreadiness is dissolved only by acting and doing. Their self assessment then shows both what they can do and what they need yet to learn to do.- Austin Doherty