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Alverno College Internships

Internships are an excellent way to test drive career interests, and most people learn best by doing. That's why most of our undergraduate majors require at least one internship. The Career Studio provides you with a wealth of information related to internships:

At Alverno, internships are seen as a continuation of the learning that takes place on campus and are integrated into the curriculum. You will earn academic credit for successfully completing both the internship and an accompanying on-campus seminar. You will work with the Career Studio to prepare for, seek out, apply for, and secure an internship.

Internships help you:

  • Begin shaping your own direction in the “real world” of your profession
  • Transfer learning from classroom to workplace
  • Sharpen abilities and skills
  • Translate the theories you have learned about your chosen profession into actual day-to-day practice
  • Focus more directly on what it means to be a professional in a specific discipline
  • Determine whether or not a particular career path appeals to you
  • Add the weight of professional experience to your resume
  • Make valuable professional contacts for future networking

In order to do an internship for academic credit, a student must:

  • Complete PPS-229 and be in good academic standing
  • Activate your Handshake account if you have not already done so:  Make sure you choose at least two Career Communities when you set up your account.
  • Schedule an appointment through Handshake with the Career Studio Coach for your Career Community
  • Schedule an appointment with your faculty advisor to have your online internship permit approved (Note: your faculty advisor will initiate the permit)
  • Submit a copy of your resume to your Career Community Coach.
  • Register for the accompanying internship seminar course for the same semester you will be interning
  • Secure an internship

We work with student interns by:

  • Helping you clarify your learning goals for the internship
  • While we do not place students into internships, we work with you to identify internship sites that are currently taking applications. We have connections at many sites, although you are not limited to those sites. We will work with you to develop a new site that matches your interests
  • Meeting individually with students to assist in site identification, applications, interviews, and more
  • Monitoring student internships through:
    • Site visits
    • Regular communication with faculty who teach the accompanying seminar
    • Collection of internship tracking and evaluation records

If you are planning to do an internship for academic credit, please contact us.

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