Student Leadership Opportunities

Getting involved on campus is a fantastic way to develop and strengthen your leadership skills.  Learn and employ event planning skills, write agendas and lead meetings, practice problem solving and communication abilities!  Here are just a few opportunities for you to take waht you're learning in the classroom and apply it to real life situations.

Alverno Student Government - The Alverno Student Government (ASG) serves the undergraduate student body by:

  1. Providing a means for students to be effective citizens and leaders by representing the student body in decisions;
  2. Giving students an opportunity to effectively express concerns;
  3. Addressing issues by working with individuals, committees, and departments;
  4. Advocating for student concerns and needs;
  5. Encouraging communication and policy development on campus-wide issues;
  6. Providing needed services; and
  7. Setting, allocating, and dispensing student fees collected by the College

Elections are head each fall and spring for the Executive Board as well as representatives from each School (i.e. School of Nursing, School of Arts & Sciences).  Contact for more information.

Orientation Leaders - Each spring Alverno hires and trains 12-15 Orienation Leaders to work with new incoming students at a variety of events.  Becoming an OL is an excellent way to represent the College, interact with new students and families, and develop leadership skills.  OL's are required to facilitate icebreakers, speak on question/answer panels, and encourage students to become involved on campus and learn about academic, social, and wellness resources.  Contact for more information.

Leadership Conference - Each spring the Department of Student Activities & Leadership offers a student leadership conference. Topics typically include identifying your leadership style, how to recruit and motivate student group members, and how to plan a successful campus event.