Contact Us

Contact Us

For an emergency, contact Safety & Security, 414-382-6158.  Staff will make every effort to locate your student and relay your message.

Kathy Bundalo, Director, 414-382-6398

Heather Parkinson, 414-382-6324

Business Office
Veronica Carillo, Director, 414-382-6125

Counseling and Health Services
Meg Pledl, Director, 414-382-6119

Financial Aid
Mary Rowe, Associate Director, 414-382-6047

Residence Life 
Vicki Schreiber, Director, 414-382-6116

Student Activities & Leadership
Brook Wegner, Director, 414-382-6317

Student Affairs
Virginia Wagner, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, 414-382-6117

General Information
Call the Campus Information Desk at 414-382-6000. They will route you to the appropriate individual or department.