Why should I participate?
Because being an effective citizen is your way to give back to the community.  Plus you’ll meet new people, learn something about the community, feel good about doing something for others, it’s fun, and you get a FREE t-shirt and lunch!

Is there a cost to participate?
Nope.  Community Day is completely FREE, so sign up! 

What if my entire class or a large group of my friends want to go to the same session?
Perfect!  Large groups of 10 or more are encouraged.  We recommend contacting Lynda Diaz, 414-382-6118, in advance and as soon as possible for sites that can accommodate large groups.

How do I get to the session?
All sessions are on campus and are within walking distance.  

Can I arrive to a session early or leave a session early?
No. In order to fully engage in the experience, we recommend you stay the entire time.

Can I bring my child and/or non-Alverno student?
No, Community Day is open to current Alverno students, faculty, staff, and alumnae only.

What should I wear?
Casual attire is recommended.  Participants will receive an awesome t-shirt in the morning that can be worn throughout the day.

Will I get breakfast?
Yes!  A continental breakfast will be provided.  We encourage you to eat a hearty breakfast before arriving though. 
Lunch will also be provided.

What if I need to cancel my registration?
Don’t be a no-show!  If you need to cancel, follow the same link used to register and click “cancel registration”.  It is VERY important you cancel in advance as we use the registration numbers to order food and transportation.