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Title IX Sexual Misconduct and Harassment Policy

Harassment, Violence and Discrimination Policy (Title IX Compliance Requirements)


In keeping with its mission to promote the personal and professional development of all members of the Alverno community and to provide a safe and welcoming campus, Alverno College fosters a climate of mutual concern, respect and caring.   Alverno is committed to promoting a rich learning environment that is free of violence, discrimination, harassment and other barriers to students learning, healthy growth and development.   All members of the Alverno community are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that does not infringe upon the rights of others. 

Alverno College, an institution dedicated to the education of women, pays particular attention to issues of harassment, discrimination or violence on the basis of sex, gender, pregnancy or parenting status.  Conduct, whether intentional or unintentional, that results in discrimination, harassment, or violence toward a student or employee is illegal and unacceptable, undermining the mission of the college.  Such conduct, whether on or off campus, is expressly prohibited by the college and is considered a serious violation of human rights. 

In alignment with federal Title IX regulations, Alverno College has procedures to receive, investigate, respond to and resolve complaints of discrimination, including harassment based on gender.  Title IX violations include discrimination on the basis of sex or gender and include sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, nonconsensual sexual acts, and sexual misconduct. This policy applies to conduct between men and women or between members of the same sex.  In this policy, “discrimination,” refers generically and inclusively to all forms of discrimination based on sex or gender, including sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, sexual assault and sexual violence. 


The Title IX Coordinator is Wendy Powers, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs & Dean of Students.   For any issues related to gender-based harassment and discrimination, students are encouraged to contact the Title IX Coordinator.   The Title IX Coordinator has the responsibility to:

  1. oversee complaints of discrimination on the basis of gender, including discrimination based on a student’s pregnancy, childbirth, false pregnancy, termination or recovery;
  2. ensure thorough investigations into complaints of sexual discrimination or harassment;
  3. assure equitable remedies;
  4. provide campus-wide training regarding sexual harassment, violence and discrimination, including the related Title IX policy and procedures; and,
  5. issue timely warnings for incidents reported to them that are confirmed to pose a substantial threat of bodily harm or danger to members of the College community.  Make every effort to ensure that a victim’s name and other identifying information is not disclosed, while still providing enough information for community members to make safety decisions in light of the danger. 


When an allegation of gender discrimination is brought to an appropriate administrator’s attention, and an individual is found to have violated this policy, serious and prompt sanctions will be used to reasonably ensure that such actions are never repeated.   Employees found to have violated this policy will be disciplined up to or including termination of their employment rights.  Students found to have violated the policy will be disciplined up to or including dismissal from the College.  The college will not tolerate any reprisal or threat against any individual who alleges sexual discrimination.   Beyond the campus policy and procedures for investigation and adjudication, Alverno will also respond to victims of sexual violence by providing access to services and resources.

Student Affairs Advisory Committee, 1998
Revised September 2014

Revised May 2015

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