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Credit for Prior Learning FAQs

Not familiar with how credit for prior learning works? Here are some FAQs that can help you decide if this opportunity is right for you. 
Q:  What is credit for prior learning?

A:  The opportunity to earn credit towards your degree by demonstrating that learning outcomes for specific courses have been met through comparable knowledge and experiences outside the classroom. For some courses, faculty determines whether students are eligible to seek credits for prior learning.

Q:  How would credit for prior learning benefit me?

A:  Earning credit for prior learning could help you save money and time by not having to take some classes for which you already have the necessary knowledge.  This could shorten your time to graduation and/or allow you to take other classes in which you have an interest.

Q:  What types of experiences could earn me credit towards my degree?

A:  You might have gained college-level that could help you meet course outcomes through work experience, employer training programs, non-credit courses, volunteer or community service, or non-college courses or seminars.

Q:  What would I have to do to earn credit for prior learning?

A:  Once you are enrolled at Alverno, your prior learning experiences serve as a starting point to think about how you can provide evidence of your college-level learning.  This can be done through a variety of methods, such as successfully completing a faculty-designed assessment, submitting a portfolio of your experience/learning, or providing documentation of your scores from a recognized, objective testing source (e.g., CLEP).

Q: Is there a fee for credit for prior learning?

A: After your assessment to earn credits for prior learning is evaluated, a fee of $75 or $150 (dependent on the type of assessment) will be billed to your account.

Q:  How can I get information about applying for credit for prior learning?

A:  Please complete and submit the form below. A Credit for Prior Learning Coach will contact you soon.

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Please note: information on CPL Bypass Assessments can be found here.