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Pre-Conference Workshops

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Eleven Principles of Effective Character Education Institute Workshop

June 19, 2018 
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Charac11 Principles Preconference’s Eleven Principles of Effective Character Education training is customized to help school teams learn how to move the character education initiative forward in their schools and identify major areas for planning. The program's principles create a framework that incorporates all aspects of school programming with a focus on embedding character education throughout the curriculum and culture of the school.  This training encourages  teams to reflect on the needs of their individual schools as they relate to the Eleven Principles Framework.  It is beneficial for schools that are just getting started as well as for schools that are looking to enhance existing programs.  Optimal growth and planning result when school teams, including the building principal, work together throughout the day.  School teams often include the character education committee and/or teacher-leaders from across grade levels and curricular areas.  This training will provide a solid foundation for your conference experience.

Elaine Gehring is a certified trainer for the Wisconsin Character Education Partnership and coordinator for the State Schools of Character Program.  Elaine has worked in the field of education for over 40 years as a teacher, program coordinator, mentor, building administrator and national presenter.

The fee for the Eleven Principles Workshop is $295. Special group rates are available.

Pre-conference Workshop: Trauma Sensitive Schools: Teachers Who Are Relational, Practices That Are Restorative, & Students Who Are Resilient

June 19, 2018
1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Trauma Sensitive Schools Shenekia WeeksThis experiential workshop blends two of the nation’s leading culture and climate frameworks, Trauma-Informed Schools and Restorative Practices with character education, into one transformational learning experience. The trauma of Adverse Childhood Experiences can affect students emotionally, socially, and biologically. Teachers can help students, not by erasing their trauma but by helping children develop resilience. Resilience allows kids to cope with their imperfect situations and to move on with confidence and optimism. When coupled with Restorative Practices, students learn to foster healthy relationships and find a way back into the school/classroom community when those relationships have been damaged. Both of these practices are cultivated in a culture of equity and ethical development, and this workshop will help educators understand why so many schools are choosing to layer Trauma-Informed Schools and Restorative Practices on top of their Character Education Framework.

Shenekia Weeks is a Program Consultant for CharacterPlus, an organization in St. Louis, Missouri, dedicated to developing positive character traits in young people by providing a high-quality character education process and resources to schools, homes and communities. Shenekia’s focus at CharacterPlus is on equity, social-emotional learning, student empowerment, restorative practices, and trauma-sensitive schools.

The registration fee for this Pre-conference Workshop is $75.

Participants can register for the conference and the pre-conference workshops at this link.

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Please contact the Assessment and Outreach Center at or 414-382-6087. 

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