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2019 Character Education Conference Milwaukee Wisconsin

 2019 Character Conference

Keynote Speaker, Joe Beckman

2018 Character Education Conference Keynote Speaker Houston Kraft

When we feel good...we do good. The happiest people in our world not only live longer, and enjoy a better quality of life, but their impact is far greater. The best part?...positivity and happiness isn’t just something that’s magically bestowed on the chosen few. It’s a practice. Open to everyone. Those who are willing to invest the time required will receive the social, emotional and spiritual benefits that accompany it. This dynamic and high energy keynote equips participants with ideas and tools that will increase their energy, their happiness and ultimately their impact.

Joe Beckman’s mission has been to reclaim human connection through student keynotes, leadership workshops, staff trainings and video-based advisory curriculum, that reignites connection and unleashes student potential. Joe has shared his infectious energy, humor and passion in over 1,000 schools; positively impacting over 1 million people worldwide.

Why don’t we show up to our school everyday looking for opportunities to take care of each other? Why is it that people come to our campus every day and feel unimportant, unnoticed, or invisible? Why can we so cruel to each other? One of the most under-talked about things in our life is what stops us from being the people we want to be.

Luncheon Keynote Speaker
Esteban Gast, What Gets in the Way of Kindness?

 Esteban GastIn this talk, former teacher turned comedian Esteban Gast uses humor and his personal story as a first-generation American to talk about the question we should be asking: what stops us from being kind? 

This talk is accessible for students, yet dives into big issues. Like fear.
The journey to being the best versions of ourselves is filled with fear.  Fear is a really powerful feeling, but just because we FEEL afraid doesn’t mean we have to live our lives SCARED. Fear is a feeling, but Kindness is a choice - a choice we are capable of making even when we are uncomfortable, terrified, or hurt. And, sometimes, all it takes is one powerful, kind, courageous choice to change an entire community. 

Registration opens January 15, 2019.


For General Conference Information:

Please contact the Assessment and Outreach Center at or 414-382-6020. 

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