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Assessment and Outreach Center

Who we are

The Assessment and Outreach Center has a three-pronged focus on assessment: providing assessment services, evaluating our Alverno's assessment system, and sharing our assessment model with external audiences around the world.

Our office helps our newest students learn the meaning of assessment, self assessment, and feedback. Students come to our office to complete external and faculty assessments, and to seek Credit for Prior Learning. We also work with members of the business community who assist our students in their personal and professional development. For more information about student assessments and the Volunteer Assessor program, contact Raechel Bowersox. For more information about Credit for Prior Learning, contact Rosland Briggs-Gammon.

Our office takes a broader look at student assessment by evaluating student learning, progress, development, and performance. We work with faculty, staff, and administrators to examine program- and institution-wide student learning outcomes for continuous improvement and to demonstrate accountability. Our collaborative focus in leveraging curriculum-embedded assessments reinforces a sustainable and dynamic assessment system. For more information about our student evaluation, contact Kathy Schwan Minik and Denise Sanders.

Our department organizes workshops and conferences to share Alverno’s assessment model with local, national and international colleges and schools. Each summer, we coordinate a Summer Assessment Workshop for our academic colleagues around the world who want to learn about Alverno’s ability-based curriculum and performance assessment methods. Throughout the year, we also organize assessment workshops, including the Alverno Community Conference, the Alverno Forum Series and the Character Education Conference.  For more information about our workshops, Alverno publications and consultation services,  contact Judy Reisetter Hart and Julie Borgealt.

You also can reach us by calling (414) 382-6020.

Assessment and Outreach Center Staff

Judy Reisetter Hart, Director

Julie Borgealt, Assistant Director of Assessment and Outreach

Raechel Bowersox, Administrative Assistant

Rosland Briggs-Gammon, Assessment Coordinator and Credit for Prior Learning Coach

Denise Sanders, Office and Data Coordinator

Kathy Schwan Minik, Senior Research Analyst


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