Student Assessments


The Assessment and Outreach Center (AOC) facilitates and coordinates student assessments. These assessments include credit for prior learning assessments, external assessments, and faculty assessments.
Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) Assessments

The AOC facilitates assessments that give eligible students who are enrolled at Alverno an opportunity to earn credits for prior learning. Prior experience and coursework determine whether students are eligible to complete some CPL assessments. The CPL program has three types of assessments. Click the links below to get more information about each.

External Assessments

The AOC coordinates some external assessments including a required social interaction assessment for all undergraduate students. This assessment helps students learn more about self assessment and feedback. Feedback is often provided by volunteer assessors from the local business community. 

Faculty Assessments


The AOC facilitates faculty assessments that are not easily adaptable to the classroom setting or meeting times. The AOC also provides special accommodations for students who need environment and/or technology setups specific to their learning needs. The AOC has monitored spaces where students complete these assessments.

The AOC also coordinates the Mid-semester and Final Assessment schedules. 

Assessment and Outreach Center, Founders Hall, Room 427
Open Monday - Friday, 8 am - 4 pm
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