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Share the Alverno Experience with a $500 Undergraduate Scholarship!

As an alumna of Alverno College, you know first-hand how valuable your unique educational experience has been. Share your experience with a woman who is interested in pursuing her education at Alverno. You’re not limited to one referral, so spread the word!

If the student you are referring is accepted to Alverno, she will automatically receive this $500 Alumnae Referral Scholarship during the course of her 18 month term at Alverno. To make your referral, you must complete the form below one month prior to the corresponding program start dates of February, June or October. Referrals received after the due date may be considered for a scholarship if funds are available. Alum referral scholarships apply to undergraduate students only.

For questions about the scholarship please contact Katie VanBomel in Alumnae Relations at 414-382-6090 or Mary Bartness in Admissions at 414-382-6100

Click to access the form.