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Promise Scholar Program

What is the Promise Scholar Program?

In the Promise Scholar program, we serve, support and celebrate the academic pursuits and success of first generation students.

Congratulations to the following Promise Scholar Students who will be graduating:

Kalimah Al-Mujaahid

Raissa Cervantes

Jolene Chartier

Alaina Chenow

Olivia Cortez

Verenis Estevez

Noel Jabari

Gladys Mora

Diana Munguia

Bividiana Murguia

Melissa Ochoa

Viviana Prado

Evangelina Ramirez

Brenda Rodriguez

Melissa Rojas


Upcoming Promise Scholar Events:

End of Year Promise Scholar Lunch! 
Tuesday, May 8, 2018
12pm-1pm: Alum Hall: RC-102E

Promise Scholar Small Group Sessions:

Martha's 2018 Spring Session:

Day Location
Thursday: 02.08.2018 FO-148
Monday: 02.12.2018 FO-148
Tuesday: 02.20.2018 FO-148
Wednesday: 02.21.2018 AL-115
Thursday: 03.08.2018 FO-148
Monday: 03.12.2018 FO-148
Friday: 03.16.2018 FO-148
Tuesday: 03.27.2018 FO-148
Thursday: 04.05.2018 FO-148
Wednesday: 04.11.2018 AL-115
Monday: 04.16.2018 FO-148
Friday: 04.20.2018 FO-148
Tuesday: 04.24.2018 FO-148
Tuesday: 05.01.2018 FO-148
Thursday: 05.03.2018 FO-148

Kimberly's 2018 Spring Session:

Day Location
Tuesday: 02.13.2018 FO-148
Thursday: 02.22.2018 FO-148
Wednesday: 03.07.2018 FO-166
Tuesday: 03.13.2018 FO-148
Wednesday: 04.04.2018 FO-166
Tuesday: 04.10.2018 FO-148
Wednesday: 04.18.2018 FO-166
Thursday: 04.26.2018 FO-148
Wednesday: 05.02.2018 FO-166
Wednesday: 05.09.2018 FO-166


Promise Scholar Advisors Contact Information:
Martha Johnson

Martha Johnson                                 e:       p: 414-382-6033

Kimberly Miller Promise Scholar Advisor



Kimberly Miller                                 e:       p: 414-382-6035


Previous Promise Scholar Events:              

Promise Scholar Pizza Lunch! Tuesday, November 14th (12pm-1pm)
Saturday, December 16th: Graduation
Promise Scholar Pizza Lunch! Wednesday, March 14th


 To make an appointment with your promise scholar advisor, please contact the Academic Advising Office at 414-382-6029.

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