Our Mission

Our Mission

We are a team of individuals dedicated to the educational, personal and professional development of our students. We are committed to providing our students with high quality service. We do this by being accessible, by providing accurate information and by maintaining a caring and supportive environment. We treat our students honestly, respectfully and courteously, and are sensitive to their differences.

As a staff, we value teamwork as well as the individual contributions each member makes to the operation and success of the office. We encourage the flow of communication and exchange of ideas. We recognize the importance of each individual and value our differences. We provide opportunities to grow and develop personally and professionally.

Our values are also evident in our interactions with faculty and staff in other departments. We respect and are responsive to their needs.

Our strength as an office is generated from a common commitment to teamwork, an attitude of caring service and the quality performance of job responsibilities.

Implementing the Mission

  1. We believe that our central focus is the individual student – her educational, personal and professional development.
  2. We provide practice for the 8 abilities and reinforce the curriculum, so each student may create it within herself.      
  3. We encourage each student to set goals and make decisions based on consideration of information, alternatives, and personal values.
  4. We assist each student to explore consequences of her choices and to accept personal responsibility for them.
  5. We are flexible and creative to accommodate the educational goals of each woman.  We promote and support programs to accommodate diverse responsibilities, varied lifestyles and cultural backgrounds.
  6. We recognize the need to monitor student performance and maintain accurate records as we incorporate an effective balance of “task” and “touch.”
  7. We act as a reference and referral service with respect to other college support systems.
  8. We familiarize the student with her academic program, educational requirements and college policies, and help her effectively use technological resources.
  9. We foster student/college connectedness to aid in student persistence.
  10. We provide a friendly, open environment which promotes self-exploration, self-awareness and self assessment, thus enhancing a sense of personal identity.

  1. We believe that all work produced and services offered must reflect high standards of quality.
  2. We are willing to cross the boundaries of job descriptions in order to support each other.
  3. We respect each other’s individuality.
  4. We foster an environment of mutual trust and respect for one another’s contributions and ideas.
  5. We recognize and acknowledge one another’s efforts and accomplishments.

  1. We serve as a resource regarding college policies, procedures and academic program requirements.
  2. We prepare and distribute materials to assist in providing accurate information regarding registration procedures, academic policies and graduation requirements.
  3. We maintain an on-going in-service training program for all individuals involved in the delivery of academic advisement services.