New Student Information

New Student Information

Our Academic Advisors work in conjunction with the Office of Admissions to register incoming students. Once you are accepted to the college and have returned your registration preference forms to the Admissions Office, we will begin the process of registering you. Upon registration, you will receive a Registration Packet in the mail with more information.

As a new student, you have an opportunity to meet your Advisor at Orientation, at the “LA-ORI” workshop, or by scheduling an appointment at any time prior to the beginning of the semester. You are encouraged to contact your advisor prior to the start of the semester with any questions you may have.


AP/IB Credit

For students entering the College directly from high school with AP (Advanced Placement) or IB (International Baccalaureate) coursework, you may earn college-level credits at Alverno. Review the below AP/IB chart for more detailed information.