New Student Information

New Student Information

Academic Advisors will review all new students’ previous high school and college (if applicable) coursework and provide a list of recommended courses at SOAR (Student Orientation And Registration.  All new students are assisted with the registration process for their first semester. Please contact the Academic Advising Office with any immediate questions and concerns.

In addition to SOAR, all new students are also required to attend ILA100 or ILA200. All new students will register for this one-day course at SOAR. In ILA100 and ILA200, students will meet their Peer Advisor, faculty, and attend sessions related to campus resources and offices.  



AP/IB Credit

For students entering the College directly from high school with AP (Advanced Placement) or IB (International Baccalaureate) coursework, you may earn college-level credits at Alverno. Review the below AP/IB chart for more detailed information.

If you completed AP or IB courses but did not take the exam or meet exam qualifications, please see your Academic Advisor to see if you may still earn college credit. 

AP/IB Information