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You’re in good company — many students enter college uncertain of their major. Fortunately, Alverno’s liberal arts education and abilities-based curriculum give you the flexibility to explore and a rock-solid foundation for whichever path you choose. We offer plenty of help along the way.

Academic Advising office

Your support team starts here, where every Alverno student is assigned a professional academic advisor from day one. Your advisor can help you choose courses, create a personalized graduation plan, and connect you with tools and resources to ensure your success.

General education

Your first few semesters will focus on Alverno’s general education requirements, and we’ve even designed a suggested first-year curriculum for undecided students. This gives you time to try out different disciplines while still earning credits that count toward your degree.

Preprofessional seminar

During your first or second year, this seminar will help you research career options and get acquainted with Alverno’s career development program.

Career Studio

The on-campus experts in Alverno’s Career Studio offer career coaching, internship planning, job search assistance and much more. They can help you identify your interests and talents, and they’ll work with you to find relevant career paths. Visit them early and often.


When do I have to declare a major?

Most students declare a major and minor by their second year, and it usually doesn’t delay your academic progress if you remain undecided during your first year. If you select certain professional programs, such as nursing or education, your program could take a little longer because of the sequencing of course requirements.

Some students change their major later, and that’s OK, too. College is all about exploring the possibilities. If you switch majors, the courses you took as part of your original major may be counted toward a minor. Your advisor will guide you and help you stay on track to graduation.



From undecided to a new passion: Hiba’s story

Alverno student, HibaLeaning toward nursing

Hiba began her freshman year at Alverno as an undecided student who was leaning toward nursing — the major her parents encouraged her to pursue. But after watching nursing students practice drawing blood, she changed her mind. “I’ve always been terrified of blood,” she admits. “And I don’t see myself working in a space with a lot of people. I’m better one on one.”

Maybe biology?

“I switched to biology because I’m really good at science,” she says. But she wasn’t excited about a career in research and preferred to work with children. “I love biology and it’s very interesting to me; however, it’s not something I can see myself doing in the long run,” she said. “Since I also want to work with kids, it doesn’t help me reach my goal.”

An unexpected interest

Her academic advisor encouraged her to try a psychology course, part of Alverno’s general education sequence. To Hiba’s surprise, she enjoyed it so much she was soon envisioning a career as a child psychologist. “I fell in love with psychology. It was eye-opening for me,” she said. Her advice for fellow undecided students? “It’s OK that you don’t know. It’s better to find something that you’re interested in instead of just throwing yourself into a category where you don’t belong,” she says. “And thanks to the skills I’ve gained at Alverno, I know I can be successful whatever I end up doing.”



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