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Short Term Abroad

“Traveling allows you to be a storyteller.” - Unknown

Short term study abroad provides you with an easy way to obtain course credit while broadening your global perspectives. Short Term Study Abroad (STSA) opportunities are available through Alverno as course offerings per semester. Courses begin with in-class study in preparation for a 10-14 day trip abroad. Courses offered vary from semester to semester.

Courses offered in Fall 2014

PCM-445 Intercultural Communication: Costa Rica

Instructor: Jill Moore

Discipline focuses are communication, food studies, photography, and Spanish language and cultures. While abroad, you will visit the indigenous Maleku Tribe who is struggling to preserve their traditional culture and way of life; hike the rainforests; learn about medicinal plants, and experience two live volcanoes.

Travel dates: December 26, 2014 - January 6, 2015

N-391 Cultural Perspectives in Healthcare: Jamaica

Instructor: Luanne Wielichowski

Through in-depth study of the Jamaican culture, you will gain experience in assessing cultural health-care practices, shared belief systems, and norms. While abroad, you will observe health-care delivery systems operating in acute, clinic, and community care sites; provide health care, and determine the impact of the host culture's health-care delivery system in meeting people's needs.

Travel Dates: January 1 – 9, 2015

Alverno alums and interested others may participate in the short-term study abroad courses. Please contact the IIC ( for more information.