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Cultural Education Center

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“Culture is widening of the mind and spirit.”- Jawaharla Nehru

The Cultural Education Center

The Cultural Education Center came into existence during the fall semester of 2011. The center is an expansion of the former Multicultural Issues Office and is now an arm of the International and Intercultural Center. In conjunction with the Multicultural Advisory Council, it promotes and implements programs relative to cultural and ethnic diversity awareness and engages in strategic planning with faculty and staff on the benefits of intercultural competency within the Alverno infrastructure. This includes the curriculum, hiring practices, retention of students and other related policy matters, as well as continuing to assess the implications of cultural discrimination and its impact on our campus.

Collaborative events thus far have included:

  • The Bestowing of the Kente Ceremony
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Commemoration
  • Assistance with exhibits in the Social Justice Museum
  • Assistance with events during the various heritage and history months such as: Hispanic Heritage, Native American History, African American History and Asian American Heritage month
  • Community Liaison Advocacy


Contact Information

Adekola Adedapo

Coordinator of Multicultural Programs
Office: FO 444

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