Dropping or Withdrawal

In the event that it becomes necessary for you to drop courses or withdraw from the College, it is your responsibility to contact your advisor or the Registrar's Office to complete the necessary forms.  The date on which you make this contact will determine the amount of tuition adjustment, if any, you will receive (see adjustment schedule, below).  Students must officially drop all courses when not attending.

Non-attendance does not drop you from the course and you will still be responsible for all tuition and fees associated with courses.

Students receiving Financial Aid:  Your financial aid is based on your financial need and the amount of semester hours you are enrolled for.  Because changes in your semester hours may affect your financial aid eligibility, you are encouraged to contact the Financial Aid Office before you adjust your semester hours.

Students dropping some courses but remaining enrolled in other courses:  You are subject to the refund schedule below.  Financial Aid awards are changed through the first two weeks of the semester, but not after that point.  If you drop a class after that point, your financial aid will remain the same, but you may be subject to Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards.  Please consult the Financial Aid Office.

Students completely withdrawing:  You are subject to the adjustment schedule below. Additionally, you are also subject to Federal, State and Institutional refund policies.  If you withdraw before the 60% point of the term, financial aid funds will be returned to their original funding source. You may owe the College money. Please consult with your Advisor and the Business Office before you withdraw from the College.

When a course is dropped in FALL or SPRING, the following adjustment schedule will be used: 

You Pay:  

Before course begins 0%
Day 1 through 7 0%
Day 8 through 14 35%
Day 15 through 21 55%
Day 22 through 28 75%
Day 29 and after 100%


When a course is dropped in SUMMER, the following adjustment schedule will be used:

You Pay:  

Before course begins 0%
1/8 of the way thru course 10%
1/4 of the way thru course 30%
1/2 of the way thru course 50%
After 1/2 of the course 100%