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Online CRC Evening Appointments

The Communication Resource Center offers evening online assistance. The CRC assistants use Microsoft Lync to conduct online appointments with you that include video, audio, and desktop sharing. You’ll be able to show the CRC assistant your document in Word or your presentation in PowerPoint and discuss it just as though you were sitting next to her in the CRC. Using this software, the CRC assistant can email you a link you will click on to connect to the online meeting. You will need to be sure you have headphones (or ear buds) and a video camera (preferred, but not necessary) attached to your computer to participate in a Lync online meeting (please see links for equipment requirements below).


  1. Equipment Requirements. At least one day prior to an appointment, check to see if your computer will meet the online requirements (Lync requirements). At this time, only PCs (not Macs) are supported for online appointments.
  2. Make Your Appointment. Follow the instructions on the backside of the CRC calendar to request an appointment.
  3. We will reply via email to let you know if we can confirm your requested day and time. An information form will be attached in this email; this form must be completed and emailed back before the session.
  4. Please Follow Through. Failure to follow through with confirmed online appointments will result in cancelation of online privileges for the remainder of the current semester.
  5. IMPORTANT! You must have your email open five (5) minutes prior to your appointment time to receive an email from the CRC assistant that will include your link to online assistance.
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