How to Apply - Combined MSN-MBA

Applying is easy.  You may apply online, which is free.

Download the MSN Application Forms.

Admissions Requirements

  • MSN/MBA application.  (Fee is waived for online application.)
  • Official transcripts showing baccalaureate or advanced degrees.  (If applicant has only one degree, it must be bachelor of science degree in nursing from a college or university that is accredited by a nursing accreditation agency approved by the U.S. Department of Education.)
  • A current resume.
  • Three recommendations using the form provided online.  Your references (e.g., nursing professor or employer, business professor or employer, administrator, coworker) must give evidence of your abilities in both business/organizational and nursing contexts.
  • Goal statement.  Identify your goals for the completion of the combined program in business and nursing.  Describe how the Alverno MBA program will help you achieve greater influence and how it will impact the personal, professional, community, and organizational domains of your life, and how the MSN will help you assume a role (or roles) as nursing educator and/or clinician with advanced preparation. 
  • Three performance narratives.  In two of these narratives, identify a specific work/professional experience that describes the responsibilities, accomplishments, and relationships you were involved in.  These experiences should provide evidence that you meet the relevant work experience requirement for admission to the MBA program and have the requisite business knowledge to be successful.  One narrative should specifically address your use of business knowledge and application of quantitative skills. 

Relevant work experience includes:

  • Three or more years of business-related or organizational work/professional experience.
  • Increasing levels of responsibility
  • Line, staff, or project responsibility
  • Managerial experience of people and/or projects (such as planning, organizing, leading, controlling, evaluating functions)
  • Business knowledge and quantitative skills
  • Interaction with management, departments/functions, or external audiences outside own area of responsiblity

In the third narrative, describe a nursing-related significant learning experience that occurred when you were a nursing student or a practicing registered nurse.  In this narrative, identify what happened, who was involved, and what you were feeling and thinking during this learning event.  Describe how this learning event influenced your nursing practice.  Finally, be especially thoughtful and descriptive about what you discovered about yourself as a learner.

In evaluating your learning narrative, the Graduate Nursing Admissions and Advancement Committee will use the following criteria:

  • Effectively clarifies the elements that contributed to the significance of the selected learning event
  • Clearly articulates how the learning event influenced your nursing practice
  • Clearly explains the importance of this event in understanding yourself as a learner
  • Writes clearly, using a purposeful structure, supporting examples, and accurate writing style.

Suggested length is two to three double-spaced pages per narrative.

For more information on admissions requirements, the admissions process, or additional details about the Alverno MSN/MBA program, please contact Admissions: 414-382-6100 or