Licensed Professional Counselor Track

You will gain methodological proficiency as defined by state standards that will aid you in your work with clients to address complex mental health needs of each individual. Your coursework focuses on the needs of the individual as they move through a rich contextual background presented by their community, understanding how that individual can best thrive in his or her community.

This combination of skilled counselor with contextual knowledge and application skills provides a deeper understanding as a practitioner and professional in the field. You will have a clearer understanding of how individuals are shaped by the community at-large. Once finished with this program, you will have completed all of the academic preparation toward licensure.

(The program is approved by the Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing for the academic preparation for the Licensed Professional counselor.)

Required courses for the Master's in Community Psychology Licensed Professional Counselor track: MSCP Program Plan 60 Credit Hours (PDF)

The Student Handbook for the Community Psychology (MCP) program can be found here