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Core Courses

Part of the coursework is applying the knowledge you’ve gained.

The Alverno MBA is designed to develop leaders and managers who can productively operate and thrive in the global economy. It has earned our graduates preferred placement in companies throughout Milwaukee and across the country. This is a 24-month program that consists of five courses and two electives.

After completing this MBA, you will not only have an advanced degree, but you will have also gained important experience. This is about problem solving that you can apply to your job every day, not just after you graduate.

Required core courses

All courses listed are six credit courses with the exception of elective courses, which are each three credits.

Integrated Management
You will use discipline knowledge from the core knowledge areas to integrate your prior learning and business experience. Through case studies and projects, you will connect knowing and doing, develop your financial acumen, and improve your organizational decision-making skills.

Assessing Self, Organizations & the Operating Environment
This course will engage you in a semester-long competitive business simulation to test out and evaluate your strategic management, decision-making and management skills.  You will also assess your professional competence, emotional intelligence and risk intelligence through a variety of learning experiences.

Building Processes, Relationships & Resources
You will focus on your ability to effectively manage processes, relationships and organizational resources to enhance organizational capability, results and agility. You will further develop your financial acumen using financial and quantitative information for decision making.

Acting with Innovation, Creativity & Imagination
You will participate in global, worldly, multicultural and interdisciplinary experiences that foster the development of the new attitudes, mindsets and values required of today’s manager-leaders.

Creating Agility in Dynamic Environments
This course focuses on change management, leadership, teamwork and collaboration to anticipate and respond to changing markets, global operating environments and unforeseen events. You will also study legal, regulatory and ethical issues confronting today’s business leaders.

Elective Courses

Elective courses offer you the opportunity to focus in greater depth on selected business practices and explore emerging topics. These topics rotate each year.

Examples of Electives Include:

  • Business Analyst Basics, Data for Business
  • Project Management
  • Grant Writing
  • Social Media in a Learning Environment
  • Tools and Processes for Organizational Intervention
  • Operations Management and Decision-Making Models
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