Teacher Education Programs

Alverno Teacher Education Programs

All programs meet Department of Public Instruction (DPI) Requirements. Per DPI requirements, a criminal background check is required for admission to all programs leading to licensure. This includes all teacher and administrator licenses.

Program Feature Post Baccalaureate Licensure to Master's
Program Level Undergraduate Graduate
Tuition    Same for both programs Same for both programs
Financial Aid Eligibility Loan only, 6 credit minimum Loan only, 3 credit minimum
Timeframe of Education Courses Weekday/evening Every other weekend in fall/spring; weekday evenings in summer
Start Term Fall, spring, summer Fall or spring
Praxis I Required prior to 2nd and 3rd semester Required for admission
Praxis II Required before student teaching Required before student teaching
Credit toward Master's None    30
Summer Courses Limited    Yes
Licenses Available (General and Special Education/cross-categorical Programs):    
Early Childhood/Middle Childhood 19 general ed + approx. 54 ed † 10 general ed + approx. 51 ed †
Middle Childhood/Early Adolescence 19 general ed + approx. 54 ed + minor † 10 general ed + approx 44 ed + minor †
Early Adolescence/ Adolescence 7 general ed + 30 ed + major † 30 ed + major †

† Because all Alverno post-baccalaureate licensure programs are individualized, previous coursework and classes may fulfill some course requirements. Alverno’s School of Education carefully reviews your transcripts to match past coursework to licensure requirements. After this review, a program for remaining requirements is outlined for each student.

Art Education (PK-12) as well as Art Adaptive Education

Alverno also offers a program leading to licensure in art education. Requirements for this post-baccalaureate licensure program depend greatly on previous art experience and training. At Alverno, one can also attain art therapy (adaptive art licensure) or add it to an existing art education license.

Licensure to Master’s

Admission to this program requires completion of the master’s application process, as well as passing the Praxis I. For more information or for a master’s application packet, contact the Graduate Admissions Office at 414-382-6100, or toll-free, 1-800-933-3401, or e-mail admissions@alverno.edu.