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Pivot your skills graphicThere is a significant gap between the skills that organizations require and the skills that employees possess, contributing to more than 7 million unfilled jobs in the United States. As a result, organizations are challenged to rethink their hiring and training practices, as well as to do more with less human capital.

To meet these needs now and for the future, Alverno College offers an exciting new solution: We are innovatively partnering with industry professionals to design and deliver specialized learning paths, for women and for men, that are relevant, flexible and in high demand.

With a mix of technical knowledge and invaluable interpersonal skills, taught by Alverno faculty and industry professionals, the Pivot Your Skills Pathways program targets the following three outcomes.



Workforce Development

Talented working professionals may lack the specific skills and knowledge that your organization requires. Our program will quickly get these professionals prepared, setting them up for present success and future growth within your organization.

Workforce Retention

Organizations recognize the need to retain hard-working, talented employees, especially in a competitive job market. Our program will build on employees’ existing knowledge and skills, opening up new paths to advance within your organization and allowing them to contribute more effectively to strategic priorities.

Advancing Working Professionals

With or without a college degree, professionals need a path to obtain in-demand specialized learning as well as critical interpersonal skills. Acquiring such learning advances their opportunity for growth and meaningful contribution to your organization.

Program Details

This program, which is open to women and men, offers a flexible schedule that includes a mix of face-to-face instruction and online learning. Each pathway is designed to be completed in 9 months or less, and successful completion will result in professional certification.

We currently offer pathways in these sectors:

Additional pathways are in development. Check back soon for more information!

Why Alverno?

Alverno College was one of the first institutions of higher education to embed interpersonal skills into learning after consulting with employers to identify the skills necessary for workplace success. Building upon this long history of collaboration, Alverno is working hand-in-hand with industry professionals to create the Pivot Your Skills Pathways program. Each pathway includes experiential learning, a hallmark of the Alverno experience, so that professionals acquire relevant and immediately applicable knowledge and skills to meet organizations’ needs now and for the future.

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