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Education Majors

Elementary/Middle/Secondary Education Majors

Who makes a great teacher?

You have your favorites and you know the impact they made on you. They made you feel special and engage you in learning. Do you have what it takes to be that teacher? And where do you learn to be a great teacher? At Alverno!

What do you want to teach?

It can take some time to really know. It could be Early to Middle Childhood. This certifies you to teach children from birth to 11-years-old. If you prefer teaching children ages 6 to 13, then you would license in Middle Childhood to Early Adolescence. If you prefer high school students, your certification would be in Early Adolescence to Adolescence where you could teach ages 10 up to 21. And if you select Art Education you can teach kindergarten through high school.

Teaching jobs and certifications, which one’s for you?

You will need to select a major and a minor to be qualified to teach at one of the above licensing levels. As you learn more about what you want to teach, you can pick specific content areas for expertise. It could be language arts, social science, English, science, math, history or creative arts. Remember, when one student comes to you when you least expect it and says, “I really like you being my teacher,” all your preparation and hard work is worth every minute.

An eye opening first Education course?

How does diversity make a difference in how children learn and how you teach? You are already in your first course; it is called Human Relations. There are many kinds of diversity: cultural, religious, language, economic, families, and learning needs. You learn, think about, and consider how your teaching might be different for different students.??

Did we tell you Alverno’s teacher preparation program is nationally recognized?

The George Lucas Education Foundation named Alverno one of the top ten teacher preparation programs in the United States. The Art Levine Research Corporation rated Alverno as one of four schools with the best teacher preparation in the US.?