International Business Major

We often think of international business as trade between two countries. Now when you think of the LG phone, which countries might many of the materials and technology come from? Where might it be manufactured? Who designed the apps? And which country will the customer service come from?

When you buy an LG phone, what do you really want? Most people want the right style, performance and price. But what is right when you are marketing your phones in South Africa, Argentina and Sweden? International Business s know how to get the answers and how to use their leadership, business knowledge, experience and creativity to make the right decisions for the market.

Take a first course in International Business

You are working for a U.S. bicycle and fitness equipment company in Wisconsin. Your boss says to you, “Do you think we should sell our products in China, or maybe India? Can you do a market comparison and make some recommendations for me?” Oh, you are in the International Economics course now. You start by collecting and interpreting information on the economies of India and China, then you prepare a report and a table with your comparisons and recommendations. You are now thinking, I should be getting paid for this. When you graduate, you will.

What would be different selling fitness equipment in China or in India?

Build a business foundation

You take all the core business courses, there are lots of them. You will study accounting, leadership, finance, entrepreneurship and project management. Try your Chinese with clients — you will study a year or more of a world language.

Been there, done that

International Business majors study abroad for a semester, nearly everywhere — China, France, Brazil, Mexico, Japan and England. Where would you want to go? When you return, you know how to adapt, communicate and do business in another country because you’ve been there.