Business Management Major

What kinds of things: starting a new business, creating jobs, training, new products or managing finances? As a Business and Management major you learn how to put these all together to improve the lives of many people which makes for a vibrant community. People need to work in good jobs and you can play a key role in creating them as you help an organization grow. And think of how companies sponsor so many community events to bring people together.

Take a first course in International Business

Go global in business. In the Introduction to Business and Management course, assume you have been hired as a global training manager. Now what do you do? Your job is to develop a training workshop for employees who will be going overseas to represent the company. It could be Greece, Egypt, Australia, or China. You have to be a quick learner to help them know how to adapt. To prepare them you need to learn the company’s products, values, and business operations. And you need to know what it takes to work successfully in a new country.

There is more to learn, plus two internships

The next courses build your foundation in business. You will work on projects to learn accounting, economics, finance, entrepreneurship, marketing, ethics, human resources, global business, project management and business strategy. Plus, add two internships that let you find out what area of business is the best match for you and you put together your important business experience.