Asian Studies Courses

Beginning Level: Two semesters of an East Asian language* is required (six credits)

CHI 103 Chinese (Mandarin), I 3 credits
CHI 104 Chinese (Mandarin), II 3 credits
* Credits in other East Asian languages (i.e., Korean, Japanese, etc.) may be taken at other colleges or universities

Intermediate Level: Required (three credits)

AS 200 Introduction to Asian Studies (Fall 2010) 3 credits

Intermediate Level: Optional (10 additional credits from the list below, of which one must be at the advanced level

A 250 Asian Art 4 credits
CHI 203 Chinese, III 3 credits
CHI 204 Chinese, IV 3 credits
RL 215 Asian Religions 4 credits
EN 250 Asian Literature 4 credits
DA 312 Asian Movement Arts 2 credits
INS 301 People, Culture & Society: Vietnam 3 credits
INS 308 Art and Religion in Asia: China 3 credits

Advanced Level: At least one of the following advanced level courses

MGT/GLS Business & Economy in East Asia (in process) 4 credits
HUM 351 China: Civilization & Culture 4 credits
HUM 355 Japan: Civilization & Culture 4 credits
PSY/SOC 365 Social Psychology in Cross-Cultural Perspective 4 credits
MGT/GLS/MIB 396 International Economics* 3 credits
MGT/MIB/MKT 364 Global Marketing* 3 credits
GLS 410 Comparative Social Policies* 3 credits
PCM 465 East-West Communication and Culture 3 credits
* To qualify for the Asian Studies minor, students must focus their individual research projects on East Asia.

Advanced Level Immersion Requirement (two credits)

AS 350 Asian Studies Immersion Experience* 2 credits (minimum)
* The AS 350 requirement may be fulfilled by an Asian-focused internship or practicum (approved by the program director), an Asian short-term study abroad course, or a summer, semester or academic year's study in Asia.