Careers and Immersion Experiences

Career Opportunities:
A background in world languages and cultures provides valuable training for many careers. Some of the more popular fields include: teaching, nursing, pre-med, dentistry, medical interpretation, translation, bilingual psychology, community leadership, social work, human relations, customer service, journalism, music, business, law, government, library science, airline industry, travel agent and criminal justice.

Immersion Experiences:  
Throughout your coursework, you will have the opportunity to participate in service learning projects and other community experiences that will enable you to use your language skills in authentic contexts. You are strongly encouraged to participate in an immersion experience.  This might be an internship or one of the short-term travel study courses taught by Alverno faculty.  To maximize the development of your linguistic skills, it is highly recommended that you study away for at least four weeks, but studying for a summer, a semester or an academic year would be the ideal experience.

Study Abroad:
Alverno is an exchange partner with universities in Chile, China, France, Hong Kong, Mexico, and Paraguay. In addition to these countries, our students have studied in Brazil, Costa Rica, Korea, and Spain. Short-term study abroad courses to China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Italy and Spain are taught on a rotating basis.  For more information, visit the Career Center, International and Intercultural Center and Internship Office.