World Languages

One language is never enough. If you already speak two languages, why not study a third or fourth? At Alverno College, we teach Spanish and Spanish-English Healthcare Interpretation.  Besides the fact that it is fun to speak another language and impress your friends and family with your knowledge of other cultures, an extended study of a language will enrich your life, enhance your professional marketability and prepare you to work successfully in a culturally diverse environment. The ability to speak a second or third language with confidence will enable you to live, work and travel in a world where English is no longer sufficient to be an effective global citizen. The need to develop an informed global perspective is greater than ever.

In the World Languages department, we offer small classes taught by personable instructors who supplement the classroom experience with interactive language techniques and experiential learning. The instructors are committed to helping you expand your communicative proficiency and acquire cultural literacy--knowledge about gestures, values and current events. In your learning you will deepen your knowledge of a nation’s geography, food, art and history and you will experience world literature, film and music in the original language. By comparison, you will gain greater insight into your own language, culture and values.


If you have previous knowledge of Spanish or French, you may be able to earn prior learning credits for your experience. You are encouraged to register for SLC-100 or FLC-100 to take the online language placement assessment ($10.00 fee) in the Assessment Center (FO 427), Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. You have one year to enroll in a language class or you must retake the exam.