Sociology at Alverno

Sociology is almost 200 years old. It can be defined as the study of how people arrange their lives as members of groups, and how those arrangements in turn shape the ways people think, feel and behave. Sociologists use terms like “social environment,” “the architecture of daily life” and “social structure” to talk about these arrangements, and different societies around the world arrange life differently. Some examples? Think of all the different ways you have heard people or nations define family, deal with crime and justice, worship, and work for a living.

 Sociology is very broad, with a lot of specializations that can lead you in many intellectual or career directions. Our courses deal with the following kinds of topics and themes:

  • Culture, traditions, beliefs, norms and values
  • The role of social movements in social change
  • Social equality and inequality, especially in terms of race, economic class, and gender
  • Life in a global social system: encountering cultural diversity around the world
  • The economy and work life
  • Small groups and teams: how they work and how to fix them if they don’t
  • Marriage and families
  • How communities work (or don’t)
  • Government and politics
  • Human sexuality
  • Crime and deviance
  • Methods for conducting and understanding good scientific research
  • Visions of the good society

What are Sociology classes like at Alverno?

Is Sociology Right for You?

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