Religious Studies Major

A major in religious studies at Alverno College prepares you for advanced study in graduate school or a number of rewarding careers.  Careful consideration of a second major and support areas (minors) will prepare you to meet your goals. For example, students considering entering into ministry might want to consider a Major in Religious Studies with a second major in Psychology and a minor in Philosophy. Students who wish to teach in grade school or high school will take a support in Education. A double major in Religious studies and Philosophy (or other Humanities) will be prepared to enter into a graduate M.A. or Ph.D., program. Religious Studies coupled with a management or adult education support area leads to positions such as director of education or program manager of parish adult education centers. Your religious studies advisor will help you determine the best major/support combination for your career and life goals.

Intermediate Courses (take 8 credits of Religious Studies courses)

  • RL 210 Control of Life and Death
  • RL 214 Images of Jesus
  • RL 310 Myth and Symbol
  • RL 313 Moral Theology


  • RL 250 Judaism, Christianity, Islam or RL 251 The Asian Religions


  • RL 210 Control of Life and Death or RL 214 Images of Jesus


  • RL 310 Myth and Symbol or RL 313 Moral Theology
  • Intern 383 Internship

Advanced Courses

  • RL 375 Religion in America and the World
  • Any HUM 350 Series Course
  • HUM 410 Senior Humanities Seminar
  • RL 410 Senior Religious Studies Seminar: Spirituality
  • RL 475 Religions Studies Design: Christian Ministry