Learning Outcomes

Students majoring in psychology at Alverno will gain proficiency in:

  • Theoretical Reasoning - to construct plausible psychological explanations for complex human behavior relying on reasoning and evidence
  • Methodological Proficiency - to solve problems of human experience, using and evaluating a variety of methods
  • Professional Interaction - to interact and communicate with people in a variety of professional contexts, including collaborating on research teams, assisting others in resolving life challenges, and presenting research conclusions in oral and written formats
  • Self-Reflection - to be self-directed in using the tools of meta-cognition to accurately discern the quality of her own performance in academic, professional, personal and civic settings
  • Ethical Insight and Action - to respond to the needs of others with sensitivity to various perspectives, including cultural, national, economic, and spiritual differences; to act interpersonally and in working with groups with integrity, initiative and vision in relationship to the APA Code of Ethics and APA guidelines for serving diverse populations. 

Students with a support in psychology at Alverno will gain proficiency in Theoretical Reasoning, Methodological Proficiency, and Ethical Insight and Action.