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Music Learning Outcomes

Music therapy practice integrates a strong foundation of music knowledge and performance skills with a thorough understanding of the influence of music on human physiology and behavior.  Alverno College Music Therapy graduates are prepared to design and implement therapeutic music experiences to assist those they serve in reaching their full potential.                                                               

An Alverno College student with a major in Music Therapy will be able to:

  • identify and compare structural and stylistic characteristics relative to varied periods of music history;
  • apply insights and understanding derived from music literature, history, and theory to musical performance;
  • demonstrate excellence in performance of representative works from varied periods of music history;
  • analyze human responses to music from physiological, cognitive, affective, and sociological perspectives;
  • translate behavioral theories into functional approaches to music that are applicable to music therapy; and
  • analyze the effectiveness of an identified treatment framework by designing and implementing procedures at varying levels of music therapy treatment in a clinical setting.
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