The arts are integral to the development of self-expression, innovation and well-being. Through arts experiences, students learn to observe and engage with and shape the world, which provides opportunities for professional preparation and personal growth.

The Music Department at Alverno College prepares students with the knowledge and performance skills necessary to enter a career with confidence and success. Our emphasis is on a Bachelor of Music in Music Therapy degree, and minors in Music Performance and Music History and Cultures. The Music curriculum features a diversity of relevant courses spanning historical timelines and musical styles, as well as clinical experiences that guide the student towards her career goals.

The Bachelor of Music in Music Therapy produces graduates who work with ease in this profession upon graduation.  The combination of low student to faculty ratios, a curriculum that is attuned to the diversity of music styles relevant in today’s world, and internships that skillfully guide students into a career, brings distinction to Alverno’s Music Department in offering music that works.


Alverno College has a worldwide reputation for its innovative Ability Based Curriculum, which the Music Department infuses with performance assessments and career based core classes. Every music major refines her skills through private study, performance opportunities, and a progression of competences, which include the self-assessment of one’s own abilities. Student-centered learning, combined with Alverno’s strong Liberal Arts curriculum, produces music graduates who then successfully enter employment within their chosen field.