Linear Algebra with GeoGebra

Transforming Linear Algebra Education with GeoGebra Applets

James D. Factor (PI); Susan Pustejovsky (Co-PI), Alverno College‌                   



       NSF TUES Grant Award ID: 1141045


Transforming Linear Algebra with GeoGebra


  • Promote a deeper understanding of linear algebra and its applications
  • Actively engage the student in exploring concepts
  • Help the student visualize linear algebra operations
  • Foster deeper understanding of algebraic, geometric, and numeric perspectives of linear algebra ‌

GeoGebra Applets

  • Applet packages for 12 areas of linear algebra
  • 2D and 3D interactive animation applets
  • Instructional support for each linear algebra package


Note: The material below consists of old draft versions.                         This section will be updated.  

Applet Topics