Careers & Internships in Mathematics

Internships with real-life experience

An internship in an area business or lab offers you the chance to test your knowledge against the demands of the workplace, earning you credit while you explore a mathematics-related career. Every mathematics major takes at least one internship; some take two. Students have interned at many companies including Northwestern Mutual, Milwaukee Brewers, Harley-Davidson, AT&T and the Medical College of Wisconsin.

A wide range of minors helps tailor your mathematics studies to your special interest areas. Popular support areas for mathematics majors include computing and information technology, business and management, secondary education, psychology and social science.

Careers in Mathematics

The doors of opportunity are wide open to the college graduate with strong training in mathematics. Women with mathematics majors pursue a variety of interesting and satisfying careers. From department store buyer to biostatistician, mathematics specialists work in industry, schools and colleges, government agencies - any place requiring good analytic thinking and problem solving skills.