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History Learning Outcomes

What will I be able to do as a graduate of the history program at Alverno?

The history department has developed a set of learning outcomes that reflect the work students are able to do upon graduation.  They include:

  • Identify culturally grounded assumptions that have influenced the perception and behavior of people in the past and identify those that influence your own perception and behavior (Analysis 5, Valuing 5)
  • Identify and critique the theories, concepts, and assumptions that historians have used to create coherent interpretations of the past (Analysis 5)
  • Identify, analyze and communicate the implications of values and valuing orientations that underlie your own and other historians’ choices of subjects for study, their theoretical approaches to these subjects, and their interpretations of these subjects (Analysis 5, Communication, 5, Valuing 5, Valuing 6)
  • Independently and effectively use theories and frameworks to formulate research questions, carry out primary and secondary research, and then organize, synthesize, and communication your own interpretations of historical phenomena (Analysis 6, Communication 6, Valuing 6)
  • Take responsibility for your own interpretations of the past by explaining and defending them publicly in a variety of personal and professional contexts (Analysis 6, Communication 6, Valuing 6)
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