Global Studies Minor

The Global Studies minor enables students to understand human events in a global context. Students learn to integrate a set of core global studies frameworks in the analysis of historical, social, political, behavioral, economic, and cultural processes. Students then build on these understandings to synthesize diverse perspectives on the interdependence of global systems.

Global Studies minors develop the ability to identify and articulate their views on contemporary world issues. They learn to perceive and understand the roles of culture and worldview in global issues. Students also develop the ability to facilitate the development of global awareness in others.

What you will study:
As a Global Studies minor, you begin by studying how various global systems frameworks can be used to analyze significant events in the world today. You examine similarities and differences among national economies and political systems and explore their interdependence as well as the reasons for international conflict. You learn to compare the ways people from diverse societies express their visions of themselves and their cultures as they respond to common human problems. You learn how nation states identify and work together to try to address problems that are global in scope.

Course # Course Name Credits
GLS 200 Introduction to Global Studies
MGT 210 Economic Environment
AH 350 Studies in Civilization and Cultures
GLS 370 World Geography: People, Places and Change
GLS 396 International Economics
GLS 410 Comparative Social Policy
GLS 475 Global Studies Senior Seminar

Elective options should be discussed with the Global Studies coordinator. 


International Studies:
Global Studies minors are encouraged to take advantage of the many travel courses and Study Abroad opportunities through Alverno College.