Careers & Internships

A wide variety of courses for flexible careers

Environmental science is a multi-discipline major. This means you will take courses in the natural sciences, social science and the humanities to give you a broad-based background and experiences in different areas. This framework lets you apply your theoretical knowledge to complex environmental issues. You will learn how to gather data and analyze it. You also will learn effective communication and persuasion skills, problem-solving methods and research techniques. Your coursework will explore the complex and interconnected nature of environmental issues to prepare you to respond to these issues.

Internships with real-life experience

All environmental science majors complete an internship with area businesses, non-profit or governmental organizations. You might choose to work at the Department of Natural Resources to conduct water testing, or write, design and conduct surveys on attitudes about health for a social service agency. Your internship will give you the hands-on-experiences of a working scientist and the career contacts you can use for jobs or additional research opportunities, and you can take up to two additional internships (for a total of 3) as upper level electives.