Sample Curriculum

First Year

  • Introduction to the Arts
  • Introduction to the Humanities
  • Integrated Communication
  • Quantitative Strategies
  • General Psychology
  • Introduction to Social Science
  • Foundations in Natural Science

Second Year

  • The Short Story
  • Literary Criticism
  • Literature and Film
  • Identity and Imagination in Literary Studies
  • Global Experience
  • Humanities electives

Third Year

  • Genre Studies (such as the mystery)
  • Major Literary Figures (such as Shakespeare)
  • Literature and Culture (such as African-American literature)
  • Studies in Alternative World Views
  • The Global Experience
  • Internship
  • Support area courses

Fourth Year

  • Literary Theory (such as modernism)
  • Literary Forms (such as the 19th century novel)
  • Senior Humanities Seminar
  • Support area courses