Creative Arts in Practice minor/support

Creativity Abounds!

The arts are integral to the development of self-expression, innovation, and well-being. Through arts experiences, students learn to observe and engage with and shape the world, which provides opportunities for professional preparation and personal growth.

In Alverno's Creative Arts Support Area (minor), you will develop awareness of and control over the expressive potential of your body and voice. You will also focus on how your intellectual and emotional processes affect your learning and creative impulses.

You will engage with creative processes from visual art, dance, music, and theatre. At the beginning level, you will study all four artistic subject areas. At the intermediate level, you will choose courses that suit your personal and professional needs. At the advanced level, you will select one art area and delve into it more deeply. 

If you love the arts and can’t choose among them, this is the support area for you! 

Creative Arts Support Area Outcomes

Students who successfully complete the support area in creative arts should be able to:

  • integrate creative approaches, strategies, and techniques used in creating art works to meet personal and professional goals, and
  •  recognize and respond to the communicative potential of the arts in various cultures.