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What you will study

Your capacity as a community leader will flow from your development of the ability to:

  1. Apply theories from various social science and professional disciplines to analyze organizational effectiveness and community issues.
  2. Conduct financial analysis and social scientific research.
  3. Identify and compare approaches for addressing social problems drawing on diverse political and cultural perspectives.
  4. Develop your own social philosophy.
  5. Explore moral-ethical dimensions of community issues and apply criteria for evaluating approaches to dealing with them.
  6. Analyze your relevant work and volunteer experience for the purpose of improving your community leadership practice.

Off-campus professional internship

Weekday students will put learning to work in an off-campus internship. Examples of recent internships include Future Milwaukee, Family Service America, Inc., United States Social Security Administration, Office of United States Senator Lena Taylor, Layton Boulevard West Neighbors (LBWN), Urban Ecology Center, Independence First, Southside Organizing Committee, Office of United States Senator Herb Kohl, and Wisconsin Women's Business Initiative Corporation.

Through various on and off-campus experiences, you will apply your knowledge and skills in community-based settings. You may conduct organizational studies, conduct needs assessments, write program evaluations, analyze social movements, and propose community development projects. You may be instrumental in social organizing, civic engagement, and developing strategies for addressing local political issues through effective lobbying. You may choose to do your internship in a local private or public organization, or take advantage of one of our national or international opportunities. Many of our students further their experiences in order to fully develop their social networks and build community relationships through volunteering in the community or working with non-profit or government agencies.

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