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Career Possibilities in Community Leadership & Development

Career Possibilities

Community Leadership and Development students can go on to work in a multitude of occupations and capacities. This major will prepare you for a career with government, not-for-profit or social service organizations, evaluation and research, organizing, lobbying, politics, housing, community development, workforce and economic development, grant writing, as well as with small businesses or larger corporations with an interest in better communities. Activities within these careers may include marketing, social research, fundraising, designing programs, planning, budget work, and coordinating volunteers. Many of these activities are designed to strengthen families, neighborhoods, and communities. 

Examples of jobs include:

  • Program Director
  • Policy Analyst
  • Human Relations Manager
  • Diversity Consultant
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Data Analyst
  • Market Researcher
  • Program Administrator or Coordinator
  • Community Organizer and Activist
  • Lobbyist
  • Program Developer
  • Community Developer
  • Youth Worker
  • Planner
  • Case Manager
  • Legislative Analyst
  • Evaluator
  • Grant Writer
  • Grant Manager and Administrator
  • Program Officers
  • Managing Editors
  • Financial Manager

Career Links

  1. The North Carolina State University's Career Center
    This is an outstanding site that has some incredible resources, especially if you're not sure about an occupation.
  2. The Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2002-03
    This is an excellent site for finding out all kinds of information about occupations. For example, it describes the nature of the work, working conditions, employment outlook, qualifications, and wages for particular occupations. Libraries may have a hard copy.
  3. Embark Home Page
    This is rated the best web site in higher education by Yahoo, Excite, PC Magazine, and many others. Offers comprehensive information on colleges, scholarships, careers, and majors.
  4. Mapping your Future
    This is a great site that provides information about higher education, selecting a school, paying for school, planning a career. Information is also provided in Spanish.
  5. America's Career InfoNet
    This is a great site that offers information on occupations, wages and the general outlook for particular occupations. For example, it gives occupations that have: 1) the most openings requiring a Bachelor's degree or higher; 2) the most openings requiring work experience or on-the-job training; and 3) the highest wages. You can also focus on particular states.
  6. Job Bank
    This site was rated very high by Lawrence Jones, creator of "The Career Key." It's a free service for employers and perspective employee. It is designed to match job seekers with employers. Information is available in many languages.

Graduate Programs

There are currently several colleges and universities throughout the country that are now offering graduate programs in Community Leadership and related fields.  Master and Doctoral programs are additional options for students who may be considering graduate and terminal degrees.

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