Interactive Media Design Major

Interactive Media Design

What is it like to study interactive media design at Alverno?
Interactive Media Design (IMD) is an interdisciplinary major in which you get to choose from a selection of media-related courses in art, music, professional communication, and computing and information technology to build the core of your major. Interactive Media Design is an ideal major for an imaginative, inventive, and resourceful woman who is drawn to the leading edge of multimedia production and is eager to make her creative mark on the world. As an IMD major, you learn to express your creativity through video, photography, animation, graphic design, digital illustration, sound design, text, and narrative. You learn how to integrate these media elements into impressive multimedia communication packages that engage the user. Meeting the communication needs of diverse clients and their audiences is key to your success in this field. You will be well prepared for this challenge with courses that offer you a solid grounding in media theory and application. To major in Interactive Media Design is to get in on the ground floor of an emerging field of study and to embark on an influential career.

What kinds of interactive media are part of the program?
Interactive media is at the heart of a communication revolution that is rapidly and profoundly changing the world. Innovators in business, government, and the nonprofit sector are all using the interactive capabilities of new media to transform their professions. Education, journalism, entertainment, and health care are all changing their delivery methods by incorporating interactive media. An exciting aspect of interactive media is that it is computer-mediated.
As an interactive media designer, you are involved in the front end of developing applications and are therefore among the first in an organization to be exposed to new technology. In fact, you will be working in the vortex of an ongoing and unpredictable convergence of technology involving the Internet, corporate intranets, personal computers, dedicated gaming systems, mobile devices, cell phones, portable media players, communication kiosks, interactive television, and technology that is yet to be invented.