Interactive Media Design Careers

Interactive Media Design Careers and Internships

What can you do with a degree in interactive media design?
You enhance your IMD major with a complementary minor of your choice, ideally in a field that could lead to or support career opportunities. For example, you might minor in biology, chemistry, or mathematics if you are interested in developing interactive media for the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). You might minor in political science if you want to produce media for political campaigns, or in global studies, religious studies, or women’s and gender studies if you are interested in working for a regional or international non-governmental organization in a multimedia capacity. A minor in adult education could lead to a career developing e-learning; a minor in art, music, creative writing, or dance and theater arts could give you the background to apply your media design skills in the arts or entertainment worlds.

Immersive museum exhibits are increasingly popular, and a minor in history, sociology, or philosophy could build a foundation for a career interpreting the human experience. A psychology minor might come in handy if you write interactive narrative for gaming design. A minor in Spanish language and cultures would enable you to develop bilingual and culturally appropriate content for multimedia targeted to a Spanish-speaking audience. And a business and management minor, combined with your major in Interactive Media Design, will prepare you for work in e-commerce. Whichever minor you choose, it will help you to think about communication in a broader context, to learn to collaborate with team members from other fields more productively, and to find your niche.

Internships and International Experience
You can gain valuable professional experience during internships at businesses and organizations needing help designing and producing media that supports their mission. IMD students can also take a semester to study abroad as an exchange student in a university that specializes in media studies. Another option is to take a travel course led by Alverno faculty that involves several weeks of travel during which you can focus on a media-related project in the context of a semester-long course.