Careers & Internships

Internships for real-life experience as a biologist

All biology majors complete at least one semester-long internship at a local business or research site. During the internship, you'll work in close contact with a professional biologist as your mentor. Your internship will give you the hands-on experience of a working biologist and career contacts you can use for jobs or additional research experience.

What you can do with your degree

Graduates have gone on to work as teachers, as laboratory research technicians in business or medicine, or have gone on to medical or graduate school. Alverno's goal is to help you develop the knowledge base, practical skills and the perspective to help you find the career that is right for you.

A molecular biologist might apply her training and interests in any area of biology and its diverse professional applications. Biotechnology, pharmaceutical science, medicine, forensic science, agriculture and environmental sciences offer particularly exciting challenges. You might want to apply your molecular biology degree to law, business, communications or other fields outside the sciences. Your molecular biology training might be central to your professional career, or it may play a supporting role. In the future, the alliance of molecular biology and physical sciences may lead to yet-unknown opportunities in emerging fields.